It’s Not About the Photographer!

So… hello.

I’m 31, very nearly 32, and feeling very old. After lots of excuses and random reasons not to, I’ve finally dragged myself into the world of online blogging.

I’ll admit to not knowing what a widget is and have no idea how tags work, but give me a keyboard and an empty space and I can type for England.

Still, as the title might have indicated, this blog is not about the photographer. Or more specifically, it’s not about this photographer anyway.

It’s about a photographic voyage, with the (occasional) rants and raves about photographers and their foibles. I hope you join me on that voyage, and preferably have some fun along the way.

And if I can provide some inspiration to you as a photographer, then that will be a nice bonus 🙂

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2 Responses

  1. I’m a member of Gateshead camera club and really enjoyed your presentation in Thursday evening, a really superb show and cheered us up a lot, maybe a tinge of despair on my part, no, a tinge depression I think is more like it! Thank you for the evening I know everyone enjoyed it immensley.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Bill! It’s always a pleasure to visit camera clubs and meet people. I’m not sure why the depression happened though – sorry about that!

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