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It’s All About the Photographer!

“But, I thought you said…” You’re right. I did. I’m talking about something else now, however. Good photography is very often confused by many to be one part photographer and one part camera. It’s not, and if anything it’s really all about the photographer. In the same way that no one told Pavarotti that he had a magnificent microphone and acoustical auditoria, good photography is about the photographer and not the camera he or she uses to create pictures. The […]

It’s Not About the Photographer!

So… hello. I’m 31, very nearly 32, and feeling very old. After lots of excuses and random reasons not to, I’ve finally dragged myself into the world of online blogging. I’ll admit to not knowing what a widget is and have no idea how tags work, but give me a keyboard and an empty space and I can type for England. Still, as the title might have indicated, this blog is not about the photographer. Or more specifically, it’s not […]