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Nikon D5 and D500 Thoughts

The arrival of 2016 brought an announcement of two major products from Nikon; one that had already been teased (the widely anticipated D5, in a brief press release in November 2015), and one which had caught the Internet rumour and forum communities by surprise (the D500). It is refreshing to see in this day and age of leaks and conjecture that Nikon could still keep something under wraps, and in some ways it is interesting that they left out the D500 from their […]

That’s a Lo Trick

Many modern digital cameras have a very wide range of ISO values, particularly at the high end where technological advancements have led to stratospheric ISO ratings that were once beyond a photographer’s wildest dreams. Black and white film users learned to live with the grain structure of TMZ or heavily pushed Tri-X to reach ISO 3200; colour negative users tried to get by with ISO 1600 results that were average at best, while colour slide film users would have been happy to […]

The Photography Show 2015

It used to be called Focus on Imaging. Last year it got changed over into The Photography Show. Not sure it’s the catchiest name in the world but otherwise not a lot has changed. Here are a few quick thoughts on the recently concluded 2015 installment at the Birmingham NEC. [heading top=”10″ bottom=”10″ size=”5″]The DSLR video push is slowing down.[/heading] Where the last year or two saw a big push with stabilisers, shoulder pods, etc, this section was much more muted this […]

Focus on Imaging 2012

It’s been a long while. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was writing about last year’s Exhibition, but here we are in the aftermath of Focus on Imaging 2012. In contrast to the hullabaloo last year over Canon’s last minute withdrawal, this year the noise was of a more positive nature. Although already previously announced, there were several as yet unavailable major new cameras for punters to get their hands on. Both Nikon and Canon had brand new […]

Focus on Imaging 2011

Every March in the UK, the “biggest annual imaging trade show in Europe” rolls into the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham. I’ve never had reason to attend because despite it’s “biggest” billing, very little groundbreaking camera technology ever debuts at Focus, with all the big announcements and displays reserved for the bi-annual Photokina in Germany, and CliQ in America – the recent rebranding exercise of the Photo Marketing Association (PMA). Yet that changed last year when I switched tacks to […]

My Lens is Longer than Your Lens!

I think we’ve all been there at some point. Eyeing a new bit of kit to help you get “better” pictures. Wishing that you had a longer lens to help you get better wildlife photographs for example. I’m slightly privileged in that regard; my work as a sports photographer means that I have had access to a variety of long lenses and own my own super telephoto. I’m not privileged enough that I didn’t have to pay for that though! […]

The Right Tools for the Job

Durham Cathedral is one of the architectural masterpieces in Europe. Blessed not just with painstaking Norman workmanship but a setting that rivals any in the country for sheer magnificence, the Cathedral lies on a plateau in a loop in the River Wear. It has stood in that spectacular setting since building work began in 1093, when it took about 40 years for the majority of the original construction work to be completed. A colourful history through the centuries includes serving […]