Photographic Workshops to Norway

Essence of Light is pleased to be able to host photographic holidays in Norway. Boasting some of the most amazing scenery in the world, Norway abounds with photographic interest, and at night plays host to the natural spectacle that is the aurora borealis.

Want an idea of what to expect? Get a taste of the Northern Lights with this time lapse compilation, or browse the images in the gallery.

Our workshops concentrate on the areas of Troms and Nordland, and particularly on the spectacular island of Senja and the Lofoten archipelago. The scenery here is breathtakingly dramatic, with little fishing villages dotted around the fjords.

As with our other workshops, our trips are designed with photography in mind. We keep our groups small, which allows us to devote time to each participant, whilst also allowing us to tailor the photography to each group’s preferences.

With Essence of Light you will be guided by an experienced professional photographer who can offer helpful, practical advice in the field, while at night the help shifts towards photography theory and editing; unless the aurora is visible, in which case we will certainly be making the most of that!

Our itineraries are designed to give you a good amount of time in a given area, while minimising the amount of time spent travelling from location to location. With a generous amount of time at a photographic location, it gives you the best chance of making the most of changing weather conditions and the freedom to explore the area and express yourself creatively.


This famous archipelago is known for its dramatic scenery, with spectacular fjords and tranquil coves at every turn.

Traditional fishing villages dot the landscape and are interesting subjects in their own right. We will get the chance to explore quaint and picturesque fishing villages such as Hamnøy, Nusfjord and Henningsvær, with brightly coloured houses and huts interspersed with rows of drying cod or salmon.

We will also visit sandy beaches in Lofoten; a somewhat surprising sight among all the steep, craggy peaks rolling straight into the sea. With mountain ranges forming the backdrop to beaches such as those at Skagsanden and Uttakleiv, these are perfect locations for experimenting with natural patterns in the sand and reflections from the Northern Lights on the wet sand of an outgoing tide.


Norway’s second largest island bears many features of the more famous – and neighbouring – Lofoten archipelago, with the benefit of being relatively free of tourists.

On the sparsely populated west coast of Senja it is easy to find dark skies to photograph the aurora; while the occasional fishing village encountered, such as Husøy, is frequently set in spectacular surroundings.

Senja’s signature location is probably the “Dragon’s Teeth” mountains at Ersfjord, with the rocks and pools at Tungeneset providing the foreground and reflection for an excellent sunset or aurora foreground.

The famous viewpoint overlooking Bergsbotn is a convenient and breathtaking spot for various times of the day and into the night.

Workshop Specifics

Cost varies based on duration, the following can be used as a guide:

£1350 for 7 days/6 nights
£2500 for 14 days/13 nights
Price includes accommodation, breakfast, dinner and all transportation costs on location.
Based on a six person group and twin sharing.

Participants are responsible for their own flights to Tromsø.

Group size 3-6 members depending on workshop.


Generally most locations will require no more than a few hundred yards of walking. Please note however that the ground may not be level and there will likely be snow on the ground at some locations.

If you have any concerns, please check with us and we will be happy to advise.

Recommended Equipment

A digital SLR or interchangeable lens mirrorless camera is recommended.

Because we will encounter a variety of subject matter during the workshop, it is a good idea to cover a range of focal lengths, from ultra wide through to moderate telephoto.

Aurora and starscapes are frequently photographed with fisheye lenses or rectilinear lenses as wide as 14mm or even 11mm in full frame terms. A fast maximum aperture is desirable, with f4 or faster suggested and f2.8 or faster recommended.

A laptop for editing and storing images is suggested, but not required.

You will need appropriate attire for northern Norway for the time of the workshop. Although the climate of the region is relatively mild for its latitude, we will be within the arctic circle and temperatures can drop below freezing.

Further information about temperatures and suggested attire and equipment will be provided for the relevant time of year of your workshop.