Monthly Archives: July 2010

Name Checking

The other day I was engaged in a bit of “friendly” repartee with a user on a large online photographic forum. The user in question was insisting that access to higher level sporting events would help boost their portfolio and generate more experience. It’s not a concept that’s altogether alien, but at the same time not one that I subscribe to. As long as the sport that you’ve photographing is of a decent standard (say, University level for example), then […]

Seabird Sanctuary Part I

Located a few miles off the Northumberland coast, a handful of small and rocky islands make up the collective group that is the Farne Islands. Visually unremarkable, the highest point, on Inner Farne, is a mere 19 miles above sea level, while some of the smaller “islands” dip below the sea on all but the lowest tides. Yet these islands have a major ecological interest; in the summer months they are taken over by approximately 100, 000 pairs of nesting […]