Jed graduated with a Law degree from the University of Durham before deciding to follow his passion as a professional photographer. He joined a sports agency and spent ten years as a working photojournalist, photographing major national and international sporting events. During his career he has photographed some of the biggest sporting names, and his images have been published in magazines and all the UK national newspapers, and some as far afield as New Zealand and China.

He has a Masters degree in the Photographic Image, earned alongside his professional work in 2006. He went freelance in 2008, and continues to do regular work for a range of clients.

In 2010 he began to turn his attention to wedding photography, using his background as a photojournalist to capture the story of each couple’s happiest day of their lives.

Jed has also conducted workshops and given talks for various organisations including Nikon Singapore and the University of Durham, and held solo exhibitions in Singapore and the United Kingdom. He has also written reviews for Bronica and Tamron, and is involved with various online photographic communities as a moderator and writer. Some of his photographic articles and equipment reviews are highly regarded in the photographic community, and he is a regular judge and lecturer in the northeast camera club circuit.

His general work is available to view at Essence of Light.