Monthly Archives: February 2011

It’s That Time of the Year

Only I haven’t actually got a specific one in mind. Really, it could be any time of the year. This follows on from last week’s post to an extent, but the beauty about photography in a temperate climate is that there are different photographs to be had all through the year. The thought of four seasons conjures up flowers and bees, yellow leaves and the first fall of snow, and all of them present different opportunities to the photographer – […]

Making Hay…

… Should be done while the sun is shining. Or so goes conventional wisdom anyway. Yet as photographers we should be aware to the photographic potential available to us when the sun isn’t shining, or when conditions are not ideal. When I think about landscape photography I am sometimes guilty of wanting – and waiting for – conditions to be nigh on perfect before I’ll venture out with camera gear in tow. It doesn’t help that even though I live […]